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"The house that we rented is too small."

Translation:Kiraladığımız ev çok küçük.

August 10, 2015



In this sentence there is no way to distinguish past from present, correct?


I thought that adding fazla was a way of differentiating between very and too. I guess I'm incorrect. Can someone explain please?


can "Ev" (ın some form ) be put at the start of the sentence? Evimiz or Evde Kiraladığımız... ?


Nope, never. Adjectives and modifiers must come before the noun it modifies. Kiraladığımız modifies ev. :)


kiraladığımız ev çok fazla küçük Is this not possible?


"çok fazla" is a little strong and would be closer to "way too small" :)


Why is 'Biz kiraladığımız ev çok küçük' wrong?


Hello DorisLeow1

Why is 'Biz kiraladığımız ev çok küçük' wrong?

You need the, "possessive pronoun" --> "Bizim" which is optional & you invalidated your answer by using, "biz" which was not needed anyway.

The answer is correct as;

Kiraladığımız ev çok küçük. The -ız suffix is 1st person plural.

When there is a possessive suffix in the noun a possessive pronoun is not necessary.

Kira (noun) --> "rent."

Kirala --> "you rent."

Bize ev kirala --> "you rent us a house."

Kiralama (noun) --> "to rent."

Thank you.


"The house that we rented is too small." Translation: Kiraladığımız ev çok küçük.


Kiraladığımız ev çok küçük. --> "The house we are renting is very small."

I have posted a correct other English answer when the question is asked in Turkish.

It was accepted by Duo when the question was asked in Turkish.

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