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"Bilimsel gerçeklere inanmıyorsan, bu senin sorunun."

Translation:If you do not believe the scientific facts, this is your problem.

August 10, 2015



Soru+nun? Sorun? What is the difference? Can someone please disambiguate this ))


Welcome to one of the most confusing things for yabancılar in Turkish. Soru is a question. Sorun is a problem. There is a lot of overlap in the way that suffixes attach to these two and you just have to know what they are from context.


As an aside, it's practical when ending business mails. At work, we always end our mails with:

"Sorun(un)uz olursa lütfen bize yazın."

If you exlude the parentheses, you get: "If you have a question, please write to us."

If you include the parentheses, you get: "If you have a problem, please write to us."

So it's handy.


sorun* is a problem :) sorunun is "your problem" :)


The problem is, "sorun" is also "your question" :D


Danke fixed. Sorun ve soru ile sorum gercek bir sorun.


Something worth noting, there are 3 words for "problem" in Turkish. sıkıntı is more of a personal issue (and is very commonly said), while both sorun and problem are more generally used.


"Boredom" would be a accurate translation for "sıkıntı". But Turks always talk like "I have a boredom", "It will be a real boredom" about their problems and actually anything that bothers/annoys them.


Interesting, I'll face these when reading becomes normal thing, I am about to finish though, I believe in reading :) size teşekkür ederim ))


İ may have a black out, but where "if" comes from, in this sentence?


The -sa- part of inanmıyorSAn.

(inan-mı-yor-sa-n: believe-not-ing-if-you = if you [are] not believing / if you do not believe.)


You are fast as light


inanmıyorsın would be you dint believe in ?? rıight??


İnanmıyorsun: inan believe, mı not, yor present continuous, sin you. Believe-not-(-ing)-you

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