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"De secretaris drinkt vijf kopjes koffie."

Translation:The secretary drinks five cups of coffee.

August 10, 2015



Mischien heeft de secrateris een probleem. . .


mijn man drinkt er zes of zeven per dag :P


She's at the Dutch average for coffee consumption


I wrote "The secretary drinks five small cups of coffee" and it marked the word small wrong. I am very confused as to why?


Kopjes koffie just means cups of coffee, your translation is correct, but it doesn't really mean that.


But "kopje" is a diminutive, so I ask: wouldn't it be 'small cup' or 'little cup'?. My mother tongue is Spanish and it would be «tacita», that's 'small cup', versus «taza» , 'cup'.


It is a diminutive, but diminutive words don't always have a literal diminutive meaning in Dutch. Hence, een kopje koffie would refer to a cup of coffee, and if you want to say a small cup of coffee you would say een klein kopje koffie, because if you say kopje koffie it would not be clear that you want a small cup.


So is it possible to say "een kop koffie"?


I think of it as "Vamos por un cafecito". You don't really mean a small cup of coffee, just as een beertje is not really a small beer. Just a manner of speak

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