I have been trying to wrap my head around this since the start of the course and can make no sense of it. Can someone explain to me (as calmly and simply as they can) about the correct use of possessives (my, mine, yours, his, hers etc)? I don't understand what determines if they come before or after a certain noun. Another thing I don't understand is the form of the noun in the sentence when placed with a possessive eg. ''min far, faren min'' SOMEBODY HELP ME

August 10, 2015


Take a look at the tips and notes for the possessives section. "My father" can translate to "min far" or "faren min," but "faren min" is more common and does not call attention to "my father." You have the option to choose between them most of the time.

These possessives act a lot like English, as shown below.

  • Hunden min er fargeblind. (My dog is colorblind)

  • Den svarte hunden er min. (The black dog is mine)

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Reading this made a lot more sense! Thank you! For some reason the possessive section tips didn't seem to sink in haha :)

When would I be referring to your father in a first person sense if I use the Norwegian form of ''mine''? Is it to signify that actually ''x belongs to me?''

Sorry to be a bother :)

No worries!

"Mine" is only for plurals, and the -e ending suggests this.

  • Mine foreldre kommer i morgen. (My parents are coming tomorrow)

  • Foreldrene mine kommer i morgen. (My parents are coming tomorrow)

So does the positioning of the possessive not make much of a difference? Would it still be clear who's (for example) dog it was regardless of where the possessive lands? eg. ''Hunden din er veldig snill'', ''din hund er veldig snill''

what would make it unclear if it does make a difference? Thanks by the way, I really appreciate this.

You're welcome!

The answer is yes. There is not much difference.

Din hund er veldig snill places a bit more emphasis on your dog, as opposed to someone else's dog.

Hunden din er veldig snill is a more neutral way of expressing the same idea.

Someone made this post on reddit which is fairly exhaustive:

The main thing to remember is if the possessive is after the noun, then the noun needs to be definite form. And if the possessive is in front, the noun needs to be in indefinite form.

hunden min
min hund

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