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How can we differentiate between the meanings of pronoun '' O '' ?

Herkese selam, I am Shady and I am a beginner in The Turkish language and I need help in the pronoun '' O ''? How can we know if the pronoun '' O '' can mean '' it - he - she '' ? Ex. 1- O bir elma yer. 2- O içer. Teşekkürler

August 10, 2015



"O" means it's not me, nor you. It's someone else. And we leave it at that. It's neither the speaker nor the listener, but a 3rd person. Whether it's male or female doesn't matter. We don't care. What matters is it's neither one of us, but someone else.

If it's that important for you to indicate the gender, use another word. Like "the girl" or "the woman" or "the guy". A lot of the times though, you won't even need to do it.


Got it, but for the Turkish people, how do they know if the sentence is about '' he or she or it '' ?


The same way that English people, when they hear "they", know whether the sentence is about a group of women, a group of men, or a mixed group.

Or the same way that English people, when they hear "he", know whether the boy is gay or straight. (Does it matter?)


In Turkish there is no different between he, she and it for "O". All of these three pronouns are the same. "O" can be used for "he", "she" and "it". We usually can find out this from the content of the sentence, or before or after the sentence. In fact it is not very hard to find out or understand this.

For example:

He/she/it eats an apple. (O bir elma yer.) -> Here, "O" can be "he", "she" or "it".

He/she/it drinks. (O içer.) -> Here, "O" can be "he", "she" or "it".

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