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"Jenta og gutten drikker melk."

Translation:The girl and the boy are drinking milk.

August 10, 2015



So, wait, why does ''en jente'' become ''jenta'' but ''en gutt'' stays as ''gutten' (i.e. keeping the 'en')?


Check out the tips and notes for this section. "Jente" is a feminine noun, so it has an "-a" ending in "jenta" (the girl). It can also be translated to "jenten," but "jenta" is far more common and natural sounding to most Norwegians.


Is that why 'jenten' is incorrect?


"Jenten" is grammatically correct, but it sounds weird to most people.


Jenta is more natural for Norwegian


Because when you add "the" for females, you can finish it both with "-a" and "-en", so you can either say "jenta" or "jenten", or "kvinna" or "kvinnen", doesn't matter.


To me, jenta and jente sound the same. Are they really pronounced the same, or is it simply vary close?


Actually, jente is pronounced with little bit accent on "t" and with "e" like "ah" or "eh" - which turns out like jent-eh. Jenta is just jenta with spoken "a" - jen-ta. Hope that helped, xx


A little bit. Thanks.


It would be nice to have some tips pop up around certain words. I've fallen into using 'Jenten' a couple of times and only noticed that thats not how I was initially introduced to 'the girl' when it was paired with Gutten.

Good job the community is there to point us in the right direction.


How do you pronounce drikker melk? I got everything else right but it says I got drikker melk wrong.


I answered 'the girl and the boy drinkS milk' why is it wrong? The answer were just 'drink', i thought drikker is drinks / drinking


because it's not correct in English. Because it's the girl AND the boy--THEY drink millk. She drinks milk. He drinks milk. But the boy and the girl DRINK milk.


before I wrote melk as mjølk and it was marked right.


Normally when you write bokmål you use melk. I am from Oslo and I always say melk. On the milk packages mjølk is used in places where nynorsk is the common written Norwegian.


It's the same thing :') xx


are there two ways of saying it?

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