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"Av og til overrasker jeg kona mi."

Translation:Now and then, I surprise my wife.

August 10, 2015



Why exactly does the subject Jeg come after Overrasker here? Because of the 'Av og til,' at the beginning? and if so, why?


"Av og til" is an adverb, and in this sentence it takes the first position. Norwegian is a V2 language, meaning the conjugated verb (here, overrasker) must come in the second position in statements (questions are another story). Therefore, the subject "jeg" comes after "overrasker," in the third position.


Thank you for the concise explanations here and on my other question, and for all the work you guys are doing here!


Just like in Dutch - 'af en toe'


perhaps I have not progressed enough but I don't understand why thr "my" at the end is "mi" instead od min.


It's 'kona mi' or 'konen min'.

As I understand it, 'kona' is feminine and goes with 'mi', but can be written in the masculine form, 'konen', in which case you would use 'min'.

I don't know if either form is preferred.


Is it incorrect to translate with "now and then" at the end of the sentence?


If she doesn't surprise you...

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