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  5. "Har du et æble?"

"Har du et æble?"

Translation:Do you have an apple?

August 10, 2015



Although duolingo marks it wrong, "Have you an apple?" is a perfectly good English translation of this sentence! -- "'An apple, Marion, have you an apple?" She had. (M. Hardcastle: This Country Business: Tales from the Dales)


THANK YOU! I'm glad somebody agrees with me.


That's not a usual colloquial translation, but it's acceptable in some dialects, esp English English. If you think it's a good translation, report it instead of commenting!


Tak for svaret, mia. I have reported it (twice!). I resorted to the "extreme measure" of commenting only because, reports notwithstanding, this keeps coming up. Sorry if that made me a bit aeriated! Do you happen to know, by the way: does one eventually receive a reply to reports made?


You do, but only if they are accepted. You'll get an email with a message like:

Hi miacomet,

You suggested “Is it in the least possible?” as a translation for “Er det i det mindste muligt?” We now accept this translation. :)

Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up!

  • Xneb from Duolingo

Best of luck. Since Xneb is from the UK, they should accept your suggestion, since it's OK in British English.


Agreed the word got would rarely be used

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