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Are you an educator using Duolingo for Schools in your classroom?

We want to share your story! Please reach out to us at teachers@duolingo.com. Tell us how you've been using Duolingo, and inspire other educators across the globe.

August 10, 2015



I used Duolingo last year in my classroom, and will be piloting Duolingo for Schools in my building this year.


I will be starting in about 3 weeks with 18 online high school students at Veritas Press Scholars Academy. I'm their first German teacher! Planning to use Duolingo extensively.


Used it for the first time this morning with my Year 7 class. Went very well, looks promising.


how are you implementing DUOLINGO


Have only just started. Have got 2 junior classes starting at the basic level. They signed up easily and got competitive about completing units and getting green ticks. Some continued to complete units at home. It won't be part of the basic course I teach but I'll use it as good general revision/fun/homework.


I teach Level One for 8th graders, and I am requiring it for homework this year. They need to complete 1 unit per week (or a total of 30XP if it's a short unit). Some students are very excited about it! They have brought words in to class that they learned online, which is exciting. I am excited to have this as a supplement to my regular instruction.


I've just signed up as an educator at Duolingo. It looks promising enough to work with my high shools students. Hope truly things will work out fine


I'm new to Duolingo. Can I have my students take individual assessments? Can I assign each student different homework based on their skill? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Great tool really. My students love it and the progress is far better than working with a book.

But there are some aspects which have not been thought-through. Be it Duolingo or any other way of learning new things students and especially teenagers will not do it in their free time. And up until now Duolingo for Schools makes it hard to watch over an entire cass of 30 person.

Especialy the following aspects frustrate me when giving assignment: 1. Assigning a unit: According to Duolingo's approach that units should be restudied, I would like kids to do it. I imagine I can assign an old unit for them to do. Unfortunately, once the students have once completed a unit, independent from how many days/weeks/months ago that was from, it indicates that the assignement has been completed.

  1. Assigning points: Students always like to find a way around the job. So, when assigning points they will try to click on a unit and only do basic one. Duolingo counts this as points to the assignment which really frustrates me.

  2. The Level bar: The level bar in Duolingo which shows your level of knowledge for a particular unit is probably one of Duolingo's best features and showing how repetition is key to learning a language. I find it very frustrating that this information of the kids level bar of the kids is not displayed to the teacher.

A quick solution: When an old unit is assigned, this will be completed if and only if when the level bar is at full strenght again.

@DuolingoTeam: If you read this, I would love to hear back from you what you think of this or whether I have just missed a feature of Duolingo in Classroom.

Thank you!

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