Language learning needs motivation!!

Motivation is very important to learn a new language. that's commonly known. Unfortunately, not seeing any topics here (about it), makes a very important part of language learning trivial. I think it would be great if old experienced users help the new ones to get motivated and start learning their target language unstoppably.

I'd love to share a few of the best videos I have seen concerning motivation (In English with French subs). These videos have completely changed my life.


Why do we fall

Be phenomenal

Please if you have any tips about what keeps you motivated, share :)

Happy learning!

August 10, 2015


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Here's motivation:

August 11, 2015

Yesterday I found the most inspiring guy ever for language learning: he's american, 33 years old, and speaks more than 20 languages. But the inspiring thing about him, unlike other polyglots in Youtube, is the fact that he has a video series about him speaking his languages with foreigners...

and it's really amazing. I stayed like 3 hours watching them, and it gave me a lot of motivation for keep studying Japanese. Here it is:

August 11, 2015

Don't forget Shia LaBeouf's motivational speech. Just kidding, but thanks for this!

August 10, 2015

You're welcome!! :)

August 10, 2015
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