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"She is writing."

Translation:Ella está escribiendo.

3 years ago



Why is it "esta?" and not "es?"

3 years ago

  • Ser = To be something (a boy, a dog, a teacher…).
  • Ser = The conduct of someone, permanent normally (crazy, bipolar…).
  • Ser = The time of the day (it's day, it's afternoon, it's lunch time, it's time to walk…).
  • Estar = To be doing something (sleeping, eating, running…).
  • Estar = To be in a place (in a house, on a garden, in a school…).
  • Estar = To be with a mood (happy, sad, tired…).
  • Estar = To be with a health status (healthy, sick, alive, dead…).
  • Estar = The conduct of someone.
  • Estar = The weather (it's raining, it's sunny, it's cloudy…).
3 years ago


progressive tenses are formed with estar

3 years ago


I can't write accents on my phone!

9 months ago