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дім vs. будинок?

Hello everyone, I'd like to know the difference between дім and будинок? Дякую

August 11, 2015



If you say "це мій дім" I would probably understand this as "this is the place I live in." If you say "це мій будинок" I would probably understand this as "I own this building/house (and work/live in it)."

"Дім" usually means a place where people live, while "будинок" usually just describes a kind of construction. "Дім" is also more informal, while "будинок" is more formal and is more likely to be used in different documents.


дім means house and будинок means building/house, but if you say "this is my building", будинок can mean house. It all depends on how you будинок in a sentence


дім is "home", будинок is "building"

Colloquially дім maybe used with a meaning "building"


будинок is a 'house' also

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