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  5. "Eu bebo um litro de suco."

"Eu bebo um litro de suco."

Translation:I drink a liter of juice.

October 22, 2013



Does Duo accept "sumo"....I haven't risked it yet. Is it used in Brazil?


It is not used in the parts of Brazil I know (mostly RJ and MG). I know that Duolingo tries to include European Portuguese (even though it teaches Brazilian Portuguese) just as much as it tries to accept British English (even though it is based on American English). The problem is that currently the answer pool is still Brazilian/American biased.

I tried entering "sumo" as an answer to a few questions that accept "suco" and lost a heart every time. So it is probably best to answer "suco" for the time being but at the same time suggest "sumo" as an answer through the report problem button - eventually that will be accepted as well.


Cheers....I found 3 Brazilian people to talk with in my home town yesterday...there accent is really nice....looking forward to getting a chance to finally practice talking!


You are very lucky. I know you have Portuguese friends as well so you'll be able to discover differences between EP and BP first hand. Be sure to pass on what you learn here when the opportunity arises.


I drink one later of juice

Why is this incorrect?


"One liter" should also be right.


Audio is missing on audio challenges.


How can I say "I have to pee, I drank too much juice"? :P


I have to pee, I drank too much juice.

'' Eu tenho que urinar, eu bebi muito suco.''


Depois de beber o suco, eu preciso fazer xixi. I think. Waiting to lose a heart....

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