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"Abbiamo una bistecca al pepe."

Translation:We have a pepper steak.

October 22, 2013


  1. No translation up.
  2. I think 'pepper steak' and 'steak with pepper' would both be reasonable here?


See my reply below...I goofed.


Thanks for the note!


i agree. Does it really exist something like a "pepper steak" or even the expression?


Yes...it's actually a classic, "steak au poivre" from the French. I'm going to retract my above statement that "steak with pepper" would be ok too, since that would be "bistecca con peperoni" or maybe "bistecca con peperone" (I originally wrote "bistecca CON pepe" here, but I was wrong with that too. I did a reverse false cognate or something like that...LOL.

To recap: "pepe" = black pepper, "peperone" = bell pepper, and "pepperoni" is an english word referring to an american pizza sausage.

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