When I have finished all of the lessons duoLingo has to offer in Spanish, what will my skill level be?

May 23, 2012


Over 9000.

Moo - you need to get out more :-) I blasted through the learning sections doing one or two translations along the way but mainly testing out of the lessons and came out between 12 and 14 skill level (I think). Since then its been pretty much translations, currently I am 17 and its slow going. That's on Spanish: I've taken a more relaxed approach to French doing a lot more translation and even reviewing lessons instead of testing straight out. I've also been giving a lot more feedback along the way and I am up to level 10 while only a third of the way through the "course".

What would you suggest doing when all the lessons are complete. I still have a lot of work to do. Do I redo all the lessons, or start it again under another name? I like the format.

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