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  5. "Where are you running to?"

"Where are you running to?"

Translation:Nereye koşuyorsun?

August 11, 2015



What is the different between Nereye / nerde ?


Nereye = (to) where, whither -- indicates a direction

Nerede = where -- indicates a place

"Nerde" is how most people pronounce "nerede", but you shouldn't write it like that. (Just like you shouldn't write "wanna" - fine in speech but not (yet) appropriate in writing.)


This explanation still doesn't make sense to me.

Where are you running to?

I would answer: home, Melbourne.. a place. Not: North, South, East or West.. a direction.

If you asked "which direction", then the word "hangi" would be used right?


Oh I think I understand thanks to my Turkish partner!

Bu nerede? Where is it?

Kedi nerede? Where is the cat?

The "where" is a place.

Kedi nereye koşuyor? Where is the cat running to?

"Where" is a direction. Even if the answer is a noun or place, the answer will be "to" that place: eve not ev ("to home", not "home"), indicating a direction.

In which direction is the cat running? Kedi hangi yöne koşuyor?

Can use "which", but it's a different sentence.


Exactly. And if you said "Nerede koşyorsun?" at good answer would be "At the gym" (Spor salonunda).

Since the "to" is in this sentence, you cannot use "nerede"


Whats wrong with "Nereye sen koşuyorsun"?


It is fine, just a missing alternative.


I would like to note that when you put "sen" right before "koşuyorsun" (the verb), it puts extra emphasis on the subject "sen". Unless you want to emphasize the subject, you would not normally ask this question like that.


why is there no question particle?


Those are for yes-no questions and "multiple-choice" questions, but you don't need them if you have a WH- word such as nereye "whither? where (to)?".


Why "koşuyorsun", and not "koşyorsun"? The infinitive form of the verb is "koşmak".


Yes, it's koşmak, so you take the -İyor- ending (capital -İ- standing for a vowel subject to four-way vowel harmony) and it becomes koş-uyor-sun with the -İyor- turning into -uyor- after the back rounded vowel -o- of koş-.


So why does it say neredesin "where are you" and not "nereye" some times the explanation words confuse me


So why does it say neredesin "where are you" and not "nereye"

Because we don't say "where are you to".

It's asking for a location, not a direction, so you ask nerede? and not nereye?.


why not kosuyor neredesin? Why does it say neredesin when you hover over the why if you don't use it? I don't get it. Please can someone explain. Thank you.


Why does it say neredesin when you hover over

Because "Where are you?" can translate to Neredesin? As in "Where are you located?"

But of course that's not the meaning that these three words have in this sentence -- "Where are you located running to?" makes no sense, and for the same reason, neither does Koşuyor neredesin?.

"are" here does not mean "be located"; it's just a helping verb to form the present tense of "are running".

And "where" does not mean "at which location"; it's part of "where ... to" which means "to which location".

So you need nereye (to which location) and not nerede (at which location).

And then not -sin (you are) but koşuyorsun (you are running).

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