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  5. "Burası gerçekten çok soğuk."

"Burası gerçekten çok soğuk."

Translation:It is really very cold here.

August 11, 2015



Why is it burasi here and not burada? (Am on phone and cant switch keyboards)


It is essentially saying "This place (burası) is really very cold".

If you just say "soğuk", the question is, what is cold?

English uses a dummy subject "it"; Turkish instead says that this location is cold.

I think you could also say "Burada hava gerçekten çok soğuk" (The weather is really very cold here), with the locative "burada" because now "soğuk" has a noun to which it can refer.


Typical English confusion. :) Burasi: Here (generalises the location) Burada: -da is an suffix that shows location. Can be thought as "at".Points out one place.

I hope this is helpful.I am native.


What's the difference between gerçekten and cidden?


It means,It is unbearable cold.If it was just very cold,it would mean "it is cold but can be accustommed."


Saying "really very" isn't good English. Is this doubling (gercekten cok) something common in Turkish?


i think using one or the other gets the general thought across...i omitted "very" and that's why I'm reading the posts, lol


It means,It is unbearable cold. If it was just very cold,it would mean "it is cold but can be accustommed." And in Turkish we sometimes use this kind of words to emphasize the extent of the feelings.


In English, adverbs come AFTER each verb. EXCEPT the verb 'to be'. Adverbs come before the verb 'to be' in English. Hence, this 'correct answer' is incorrect and it should be "It really is very cold here".


because my main languege is turkish i know the proper awnser i think. çok means very much , but! really is an awnser too. really can show how much somthings is or how much is the effect. so both awnsers should be expectable :) but still very is better because it ONLY shows value (im on an turkish class because i wanted to see how duolingo dealed with turkish)


"Burası gerçekten çok soğuk." Translation: It is really very cold here.


"Here is really very cold." - "This place is really very cold."

2 additional correct English answers accepted by Duo.


Why it is really so cold here is not correct?




Why it is really so cold here is not correct?

"So" in English does not translate to "çok" in Turkish & that's why your answer was considered wrong.

Thank you.

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