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"That cloud looks like a bird."

Translation:Den skyen ser ut som en fugl.

August 11, 2015



What is the difference between "ser ... ut" and "ligner på"?


ser ut "looks like"

ligner på = "resembles ..."

From then it's just finding the right context (just like you'd differentiate between the two in English).

"Det ser ut som vi har et problem" = it looks like we have a problem.

"Situasjonen ligner på noe som har skjedd før" = the situation resembles something that has happened before.

"Hun ser ut som mora si" = she looks like her mother

"Hun ligner på mora si" = she resembles her mother


Why is it pronounced 'skee' in "skyen", but 'shee' in "skyene"


I'm not sure if 'skyen' is pronunced correctly in this example.


Is "den" really necessary here?


As the sentence isn't "The cloud looks like a bird", yes.


It feels strange to me to write "den skyen" even though I understand that you translate "that" with "den" and "this" with "denne". Den skyen der or denne skyen seems more logical to me.


How is 'sk' in 'skyen' pronounced? I've heard two different versions (one with a hard 'k' sound, one without).


Is there a rule about 'ser ut' being written together or separately? I keep getting it wrong having seen it both ways. I am assuming it is a particular part of speech that goes between ser and ut. Just need a little more help here. Thanks in advance. BTW,I only have an Android phone to work on.

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