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"Tijdens de demonstratie protesteren wij tegen de plannen van de Nederlandse regering."

Translation:During the demonstration we protest against the plans of the Dutch government.

August 11, 2015



Months later and I still don't understand why wij/we are sometimes not interchangeable...


They are always interchangeable, always. Although, it always makes for a correct sentence at least.

We use 'we' unless you want to put emphasis it, then we would use 'wij'.


This is what I thought. So is it an error that 'we' wasn't accepted? I sometimes feel like there is a contextual reason one is wrong that I'm just not quite understanding.


I assume this is because it is a listening excercise, so you have to be precise with the wording


Can I say "Tijdens de demonstratie zijn wij aan het protesteren tegen de plannen van de Nederlandse regering"?


We would never say this in English, 'during the demonstration' implies past tense, for present tense we would say 'at the demonstration...' for present tense

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