"Lakenet er hvitt."

Translation:The bedsheet is white.

August 11, 2015



What the various forms of laken : et laken, lakenet, lakener, lakenere?

August 11, 2015

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et laken - lakenet - [laken/lakener] - [lakenene/lakena/laknene(?)]

Neuter nouns usually follow this pattern: et X - Xet - [X/Xer] - Xene

August 11, 2015


So, "bedsheet" is kind of odd. Are there other sheets one uses in a room in Norway that don't go on the bed? I mean, if I answer "the sheet is white", would it be considered wrong?

February 6, 2017


Ok, it's a bit of a stretch...but, how about a sheet of paper on the desk in the bedroom? 3Jul17

July 3, 2017


I guess it could be regional too? It's just always been "sheet" no matter where I've lived on the east coast, so to me it sounds stilted/archaic. I think a paper product would be identified by type like it is most everywhere else (papir, avis, innpakningspapir and so on). It's not a huge deal and no one in the world would ever lose sleep over it, I'm just a polyglot nerd ^_^

July 4, 2017
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