"Lakenet er hvitt."

Translation:The bed sheet is white.

August 11, 2015

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What the various forms of laken : et laken, lakenet, lakener, lakenere?


et laken - lakenet - [laken/lakener] - [lakenene/lakena/laknene(?)]

Neuter nouns usually follow this pattern: et X - Xet - [X/Xer] - Xene


I'm just confused as to why they are not plural. Bedsheets typically come in pairs, top & bottom, so it seems odd to refer to just one. Are they not sold & used in sets in Norway? Or do folks there use just one? I'm planning a visit, so this is important to me. I'll bring my own topsheet if I need, but I'm not sure I can sleet without one. Any natives or other visiters?


I'd guess it's because they mainly use duvets; that way there's just one bedsheet -the lower one- and the duvet on top with its own rolling (maybe two If its too cold)


So, "bedsheet" is kind of odd. Are there other sheets one uses in a room in Norway that don't go on the bed? I mean, if I answer "the sheet is white", would it be considered wrong?


Ok, it's a bit of a stretch...but, how about a sheet of paper on the desk in the bedroom? 3Jul17


I guess it could be regional too? It's just always been "sheet" no matter where I've lived on the east coast, so to me it sounds stilted/archaic. I think a paper product would be identified by type like it is most everywhere else (papir, avis, innpakningspapir and so on). It's not a huge deal and no one in the world would ever lose sleep over it, I'm just a polyglot nerd ^_^


I know this is an old comment, but I'll answer anyway - off the top of my head, you could have inside a home a bedsheet, bath sheet (very large towel, but it's a Britishism), groundsheet (for camping), dust sheet (for decorating)... In the UK at least, 'bedsheet' and 'sheet' are interchangeable, the latter being used when it's clear from context what type of sheet you're talking about. As you say, not a huge deal, but worth noting that there are regional differences :)


The translation Duolingo shows is the one that is used for the translation from English to Norwegian; it must be clear what kind of sheet is meant, the kind for on your bed, not the kind to write on.


I wrote "lakene er hvit" and it was meant to be correct? There was no hint that it was completely wrong.


Same. I wrote "lakene er hvite", which is grammatically correct, but it's not what is being said in the audio.


If you meant to write it in plural definite form, it should have been "laknene", but it's not what the audio said


I see the other comments on whether in English we do say 'bed sheet' and someone pointed out that we use bath sheet for a huge towel. Surely sheet would be acceptable in the context of a bed without actually saying bed sheet. After all if you were talking about being in the bathroom you would actually say towel unless you were in the shop buying a huge towel, when you would say bath sheet.

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