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The Danube Delta (part 1) Romania

Before emptying into the Black Sea, the Danube splits into three large arms ( Chilia, Sulina, Sf. Gheorghe), between which a wild delta has formed. This is the youngest land in the country, at no more than 10,000 years old. A paradise for all kinds of plants and creatures, the Danube Delta has been named a world Biosphere Reservation by UNESCO.
In this exotic delta - regarded as one of the larges wetlands (2,861 square kilometres), and the most extensive area of compact reed beds in the world - more than 1,200 species of plant and trees, 300 species of birds, and 100 species Noah's Ark. Everything here is bursting with life: the air vibrates to the wing beats of pelicans, sheldrakes, egrets, spoonbills, bald coots, and white-tailed eagles; beaneth the waters glint the scales of beluga, sturgeon, sterlet, perch, pike, and carp; among the reeds rustle all kinds of creeping things. The Delta is also a habitat for tortoises, snakes, vipers, musk rat, coypou, foxes, otters, wild boar and enot dogs.
Almost 50% of the surface area of the Danube Delta is temporarily below water (especially in spring), 45% is permanently covered in water, and just 5% (the sand banks) is genuine dry land. A luxuriant, wild, primordial vegetation covers these expanses of water and land. The Delta is, in fact, a labyrinth of channels, swamps, lakes, sandbanks and endless corridors of reeds. We lose ourselves amid groves of willows or mixed forests, made up of black poplars,trembling poplars, oak, ask,elm, and wild apple and pear trees. This is a realm of creeping plants, such as lianas and wild vines, wich intertwine everywhere. The immense stretches of reeds, rushes, and bulrushes from an unforgettable sight. As far as the eye can see, the waters are covered in resplendent carpets of whiteand yellow lilies, broken here and there by floating reed beds.

August 11, 2015

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