"This lunch costs sixty nine hryvnyas."

Translation:Цей обід коштує шістдесят дев'ять гривень.

August 11, 2015

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Why is it цей and not це?


As a modifier, цей behaves as an adjective and should reflect the gender/number of the noun it modifies. «Обід» is a masculine noun, hence цей, whereas це would be used for neuter.

Indeclinable це is also used independently in "This is" sentences and as an abstract "it / this / that" ("We finished the job. And this is good"). It is also used in sentences like «Кінь — це тварина» (mainly when you define one concept through another concept).


Where can I find the declension of demonstratives pronouns? :) (це and то)


Here they are: цей and той.

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