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how can i earn more lingots?

hello dears, i would like to buy some outfits on duolingo and it requires 20-30 lingots, ive only got 11. how can i earn more lingots?

August 11, 2015


  1. Buy the double-or-nothing wager in the Lingot store
  2. Meet your goal every day for a month
  3. Buy another double-or-nothing every time the current one ends

In one month you will earn:
Day 7: 5 lingots (double or nothing)
Day 10: 1 lingot (ten day streak)
Day 14: 5 lingots (double or nothing)
Day 20: 2 lingots (streak)
Day 21: 5 lingots (double or nothing)
Day 28: 5 lingots (double or nothing)
Day 30: 3 lingots (streak)

26 lingots in just one month.
Plus you will earn lingots from leveling up.


If you finish lessons, level up, or have 10, 20, 30 and so on day streak, Duolingo gives you lingots :)


Do some exercises. Every time you finish a skill you get 2 lingots. Every time you level up you get as many lingots as your level.

I think Lrtward is way conservative. If you do a fair progress every day I think you will be at around 100 lingots in 30 days.

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