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  5. "Det er huset der vi bor."

"Det er huset der vi bor."

Translation:That is the house where we live.

August 11, 2015



So replacing der by hvor in this sentence is wrong?


I'd say you could use 'hvor' as well in this sentence. Another example: "Det er gaten hvor/der busstoppet var" (=That's the street where the bus stop was.)


Is there anywhere you can't use either?


The slow version mispronounces "bor" as "borr".


the slow version is always distorted because it is slow . It is important to spell it correctly as bokmaal - the norwegian we learn here is primarily a written language. It is spoken on the radio and television but with native speakers it is rarely pronounced as it is written. It is the written form which enables a uniformity of understanding


Except that 'borr' isn't a word. And it's pronounced closer to 'bårr', which would mean 'drill'.


is maybe the difference that you know the house? "Det er huset der vi bor" vs "jeg vet ikke hvor han bor"


I wonder, I wonder... are all these real norsk:
"Hvor er huset det du bor i?"
"Hvor er huset der du bor?"
"Hvor er huset du bor i?"
"Er det huset der du bor?"

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