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Congrats Norwegian (Bokmål)!

As of today, it looks like Norwegian is out of Beta and is a stable course! I know that I speak for many others when I say I appreciate all the hard work the contributors and moderators have done.

I've really enjoyed my time learning Norwegian so far, and look forward to continuing and completing my tree. Thank you team for putting together such a fun and engaging course.

Congratulations on this achievement!

(I didn't see another post about this on the Norwegian board, so sorry if this is a double post!)

August 11, 2015



Thank you, Sehjma! It's been our pleasure.

We'll be putting together an official post later today, but we're all very excited about the graduation - and thankful for all the help and encouragement we've received throughout the beta phase. :)


I didn't mean to steal the thunder of the official post coming later! Just let me know if you want me to take this one down.


I reached level 5 today! in Bokmal.

A month ago I had no interest in learning Norwegian, now I like it.


Great effort!! Congratulations to all course contributors :)

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That's great news and it feels as if it was very quickly out of beta. Thank you, Sehjma, for the news and a big thank you to team Norwegian! I can tell how much I like this course, although my progress has been super-slow so far... :)



Congratulations! I've been enjoying the course very much so far.


I love your Norwegian course it motivates me a lot! I love to learn languages and with you it is so much easier!


Like others already said, it's a great and fun course, thanks to those who have been putting a lot of time and effort in this course to give us the ability to learn Norwegian. Also thanks for answering a lot of our questions, those answers are really helpful too.

Jeg tar av meg hatten for dere!


guys are you only using duolingo to learn Norwegian? I love duolingo but because I never had any contact with norwegian i found it hard to learn..

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