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Second Tree done.

Hello everyone !

A few weeks after finishing my german tree which lasted me for about a year and a half, i just finished my esperanto three, which lasted me about a month and a half. I must say thanks to all the people involved in the development of this course. Esperanto has proven to me to be a funny and pleasant language which i enjoyed both learning and practising. I can relatively well understand people speaking Esperanto at a normal speed and i'm really happy with that result. Being a dyslexic, my history of language learning has been quite tedious, but now, first german, and then esperanto, i'm really starting to feel confident in my capacity to learn languages, especially considering the fact that my native language is french (which has made Esperanto A LOT easier to learn for me since most of the time i could already understand a lot of sentences and words).

So yeah :) thanks to you all also on the forum who inspired me to work that hard, and also to the people who created the course because they really deserve congratulations for the hard work they have done.

Dankegon cxiuj !

August 11, 2015





Congratulations man ! feels good I guess. Esperanto is one interesting language but I myself don't have plans to complete the Esperanto tree in the near future, maybe some day :D




Bonan Laboron!

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