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What is the difference between треба, потрібно and необхідно ?

I'd like to know what's the difference between треба, потрібно, and необхідно? Are they interchangeable? One of my Ukrainian language exchange friends told me, I need is мені потрібно and мені необхідно but couldn't really explain their usage. And I see мені треба taught here in Duolingo.

August 11, 2015



Необхідно means necessary, мені потрібно ~ мені треба ~ I need (потрібно comes out of потребувати, which means to need, треба comes out of потреба, which means a need). You need to get used to it; that's all, so do not mind much.


All three are interchangeable, if you use any you will be understood without problem. The difference between them is very small.

"Необхідно" is more official, it is mostly used in official communication, books, etc (e.g. "Вам необхідно звернутися до податкової адміністрації за місцем проживання, ..." in an instruction on the government organization website) "Треба" is slightly more colloquial (e.g. you tell your friend "тобі треба піти до лікаря"). "Потрібно" is somewhere in between the above two.

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