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"Sie stellt den Teller auf den Tisch."

Translation:She puts the plate on the table.

October 22, 2013



Why Den tisch means the table and not the tables? They used dative after auf and it means the tisch are plural, isn't it?


"Tisch" is singular. The plural of "Tisch" would be "Tische" (or "Tischen" in the dative plural).

"Auf" is a so-called two way preposition, which means that it is followed by either the dative or the accusative.

"Auf" is followed by the dative if it refers to a fixed location (e.g. Der Teller ist auf dem Tisch. - The plate is on the table).

"Auf" is followed by the accusative if it refers to motion (e.g. Sie stellt den Teller auf den Tisch - She puts the plate on the table).

In the sentence in the exercise, "den Tisch" is masculine singular accusative.

See: http://german.about.com/library/weekly/aa052101a.htm


Thank you!! and why is it 'den Teller'?is it because plate is the direct object/ recipient of action and therefore accusative?den Teller


why isn't "sets" or "places" acceptable for stellt? Or is "setting the table" or "placing a plate on the table" a regionalism?


Good question. I did the same and think it is correct, but I'm not 100% sure.


I'm also curious why "sets" isn't accepted as a synonym for "puts"


I guess like "legen", this is a "moving verb" and therefore the object and the location will all be accusative? (e.g. "Man geht auf die Straße entlang" oder "Man läuft in das Krankenhaus" .


Isn't "legt" also correct, or maybe even better in this case? I understand that "stellen" is to place things vertically, and one can only put a plate horizontally, unless it is a pile of them of course.


I think stellen refers to setting something upright, meaning you want the plate face up. I think in German "in a standing position" is different from English. Legen refers to lying on the table. It sounds funny to say I lay the plate on the table vs. I put or set the plate on the table.


Is this an error? Why does "Sie" mean "He" here?


Yes, it's an error. [Edit: The error has now been corrected.]


why isn't "sets" or "places" acceptable for stellt? Or is "setting the table" or "placing a plate on the table" a regionalism?


Why the hell doesn't it accept "She puts a dish on the table"???


I was given this sentence as a word unscramble exercise, and the unused words were "cash blood breast rental" :/

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