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  5. "Що робить вища освіта?"

"Що робить вища освіта?"

Translation:What does higher education do?

August 11, 2015



I'm not sure I understand what this question is meant to mean, "What does higher education?" sounds like an incomplete sentence, I'd have no idea how to answer that.

"What does higher education do?" still sounds slightly odd but I'd expect an answer like "helps people get jobs".

or should it be "what is higher education?" - a simple question which could easily be answered as "an optional level of education such as college or university".

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As a native Ukrainian speaker, I can say that this question sounds quite strange in Ukrainian as well. I'd rather say: "Що дає вища освіта?" that would mean "What higher education gives to smb?" with the expected mentioned answer "It gives an opportunity to get a better job".


I think that suggestion works better for both languages :)


On top of this page I see "Translation: What does higher education do?". And it's a right one, "What does higher education?" doesn't sound like a real sentence at all


Glad it's not just me! They both showed as the correct answer, hence my confusion.


Досить дивне речення, я б його замінив на щось більш показове


Yes, I would say "Що дає" instead of "Що робить".


I wrote "What does a higher education do?" and Duolingo indicated I was entirely wrong.


And this is still not an accepted answer...


Can one say "a higher education"? Are you sure?

(I'm not a native speaker)


Yeah, "a higher education" and "higher education" are a little different, but people use "a" more often. "What does a higher education do?" is more emphasis on getting the degree, that is, what does the degree do (for you)? Getting a job, getting whatever know-how, etc. "Higher education" is more about the the institution or idea of colleges and universities itself. "What does higher education do?" is more like what is university for? Educating youth, providing training, etc. Hope this clarifies things a bit


Wow, cool! Thanks! Such nuances :)


I answered with освіту and it was accepted.

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