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"My mother always demanded that I never lie."

Translation:Mia patrino ĉiam postulis, ke mi neniam mensogu.

August 11, 2015


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I don't understand why it is mensogu, not mensogi.

August 11, 2015


The -u form is used not just to give direct commands but also in the dependent part of sentences about "what the world should be like" -- sentences such that "It is necessary that ...", "We prefer that ...", "He command that ...", "You want that ..." or, as here, "She demanded that ...".

(In conservative English, one would use the subjunctive here, which makes a difference in the he/she/it form; for example, one would say "My mother always demanded that he never lie" instead of "...that he never lies".)


Yes, you're right, but the English subjunctive should always be used in English, not just in formal usage. That's what they teach us in English classes.


There is the whole clause: "ke mi neniam mensogu" so the verb should be conjugated. You can't just use an infinitive.

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