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Adding Students Who Already Have Accounts

My class has been working in duolingo for a week. I just recently found the classroom feature. How do I add them to my classroom and they use the account and progress they have already made? I sent the link to their activity page, and it just took them back to their account without adding them to my classroom.

August 11, 2015



go to the class, to your right hand side you will find invite more students or so. click on it and then copy the link there and paste it to your friends. once they click on it, they will join your class


I emailed the link to my son(the student) but the only option it gave him was to create an account and not log on to his existing account. After searching the internet, I discovered that in the student's settings you can link to the teacher's account.


Hi Angela! Did the login option not show up on the top right of the screen when they clicked on the link? It's not highlighted, so it could be difficult to see. Your son could also try to login before clicking on the link. And you are right, you can do it manually as well through the student's account. I hope it worked out! =]


How do you do it manually through the students account. I can't seem to see it.

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