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(youtube video) Should I go already to my first congress?

ĉu mi devus iri jam a mia unua kongreso?

Hi everybody,

I posted that on the Facebook group but since not everyone uses Facebook I repost it here.

Here is a video of myself the day after I came back from the IJK in Germany (last week), I went with 50 days of learning, two thirds of the Esperanto tree in Duolingo. The video it still has some errors but as you can see I am enough fluent for every daily activity; the fact is that the week before I went there I couldn't say more three sentences in a row and I needed constantly to look for the words I needed.

If you feel unsure about going to your first Esperantujo or meeting in esperanto, because you didn't finish your tree yet or you couldn't have the chance to speak with other esperantists yet, you are not alone; and in fact to go to a meeting or congress is the best thing you can do.

2 Minutes video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNEn0b0RHoU

August 11, 2015



It's interesting, I think we could tell people that if they want to be fluent, they can do the tree and then attend a week-long Esperanto meeting. But yes, it's also good to emphasize that even if you're not done with the tree, you can still greatly benefit from attending an Esperanto meeting. Thank you for your valuable contribution to the community!


Well it was thanks to a comment from you saying that "even people who doesn't speak Esperanto at all can have fun there" and a comment from Andi saying that I was already on a level to try what I have learned that I though on give it a chance... the IJK had finally a learning course for beginners anyway so it was almost a safe bet somehow... and now I have a plus of motivation and some good paper books to read :D


Cool! I understood almost everything you said. Wiiiiii!!!


To hear someone not that far ahead of me on the tree speaking Esperanto like you do in the video is inspiring. Have a lingot


I could understand what you said :D

If you want to go, go! ;)

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