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  5. "Qual é o período certo?"

"Qual é o período certo?"

Translation:What is the right time?

October 22, 2013



Audio challenges are missing sound for this sentence. Heads up for those who haven't done it.


This isn't how I ask the time is it? Qual e o periodo certo =/= que horas são?

I think I will report that the translation is confusing?


"Qual é o período certo ?" consider, for example, planting season: "What's the right time to plant vegetables" - "Qual o período certo para plantar vegetais ?"

What time is it ? - Que horas são ?


What do you mean? No need to report that the translation is confusing. This sentence is different than "Que horas são".


What about...Which is the right period. Is this certo ou nao


Hi guys, since english is not my birth language I was wondering if the translation should be more accurate as: "When is the right time" meaning which is the right time (ex for planting). I would appreciate your guidance on this. Thank you.

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