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Any good source for spoken Irish sound files?

I love how some of the sentences and words for DuoLingo Irish are spoken. However, I still feel I need to get a better grasp on pronunciation, especially for certain words that pop up here and there (e.g. bhfoghlaimeoimid). Is there a website or resource out there that has sound recordings for Irish that anyone is aware of? I would like to get as much exposure to the pronunciation as possible. Having a background in linguistics, I do read IPA, so those transcriptions would help as well.

Thank you :)

August 11, 2015



http://www.focloir.ie/ shows the pronunciation of many words in all three dialects. I highly recommend it.


Since you can read IPA, Foclóir Póca from An Gúm has phonetic transcriptions. These are (if I remember correctly) limited to headwords though so won't be so helpful when it comes to conjugated verbs.


Try Forvo. :) (And Wiktionary usually has an IPA transliteration.)


Be careful with Forvo as not everyone who uses it is a native speaker, or even a highly advanced one.


I use abair.ie. (Click "English" at the top right to get the menus to switch to Béarla if you need that.) Since you can read IPA, you may find it helpful to also use the transcription function on the side menu, which will render the sound files in IPA text format.


I'd recommend using http://www.examinations.ie/, it gives you actual exam papers and listening exams from 1995 onward (including this years 2015 papers after the exams had finished). It includes languages, such as English, French, German, Irish and Italian and a whole host of other subjects.

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