"Please do not copy her homework for any reason!"

Translation:Bonvolu nenial kopii ŝiajn hejmtaskojn!

August 11, 2015

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How can we tell that "homework" is plural in this case?


If it was only a simple work you would not get this direction. :-)


Why "cxial" is not accepted as a translation for "for any reason" ???


"Ĉial" means for every reason.


Would "ial" or "ial ajn" be accepted?


Does the following convey the same idea? Bonvolu ne kopias ŝian hejmtaskon por nenia kialo.

I was thinking that no kind of reason is the same idea.


That would be a double negative, which is not allowed in esperanto. And if it was, kopii should be used instead of kopias. "please do not copy" vs "please do not copying"

It would mean something like "please do not copy her homework, if you have no kind of reason for doing it." which basically means "do it, if you have just a single reason"

You could then remove one of the negatives, but that wouldn't help you much.

"bonvolu ne kopii ŝian hejmtaskon por ia kialo" would be like "please do not copy it, if you have some kind of reason for doing it"

"bonvolu kopii ŝian hejmtaskon por nenia kialo" would be like "please copy it, if you have no kind of reason for doing it"


I got corrected to 'Bonvolu ne kopii ŝiajn hejmtaskojn por iu kialo.' - why is 'iu' used here?

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