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Favorite language

Hi! This is firebomb3! I was wondering what your favorite language is. Is it French? Or do you like the sound of German. If you have a favorite language(s), leave a comment! :) -firebomb3 P.S. My favorites are French and Ukrainian :)

August 11, 2015



I'm gonna go and be boring by saying English. That's because it's not my first language, and I've been learning English for 10+ years! I can say that English opened a lot of gates, gave me many opportunities and literally changed my life! I think I love English more than my mother language, Turkish! It's just so simple and beautiful and you can do everything with it! I don't know!


That's got to be my favorite too! English is very important in the world and in my life!


Wow, well, you certainly write like a native speaker!! I hope to be fluent in Turkish someday. I envy you.


Thank you very much, this just made my day! If you have any trouble with Turkish, I would love to help!


Vay! Teşekkür ederim! :D


I agree with you, English is the first foreign language that I learn and it opens so many doors for me. I even think that it sounds beautiful and unique since it has been influence by many other languages.


I love arabic because it's my first language but also i love French,Turkish and Italian. Learning languages becomes my passion that's why i respect all the world's languages ^_^


How cool! I wish I could speak Arabic!


It's easy but the pronunciation is a little bit different,that's why try to work hard and you will be professional.Good luck !


My favorites are French and Spanich ^____^


My mother language is German. And I don't have a favorite language. But I want can English and Spanish. Both languages are very useful. Especially English is in these days helpful for computer, internet and business. And if you like to travel.

Spanish is also a big language. The half America speaks Spanish.


I am sorry for what the French dude has said to you. I was wrong of him. Don't pay attention to what he says and don't let it get to you. Here's 1 lingot! God Bless, Bella


Thank you for the lingot. And I don't pay attention what he says. I can only laugh about his statement. :-)


Thank you. I laughed a little too but it did get me angry that he would be so rude about it. :) Thanks!


My favorite language is Finnish. After that, probably Welsh, Danish, and German.


A lingot for mentioning Finnish. :)


Basque! As a language isolate, it sounds super fascinating, and it would be awesome (but unlikely) to see it on here in the near future.


Sup bro! That's so cool! My favorite languages are Spanish, Italian, and French! I'm learning Spanish right now and once I master that then I'll begin on starting to try to master French and Italian! :)


Finnish and Estonian. Can't choose which one.


And a lingot to you too, for mentioning Finnish. :)


My favorite language is Japanese

[deactivated user]

    I like so many of them it's hard to choose! I would definitely say that French and German are towards. As well as Ukrainian, Italian, Icelandic, and Faroese. I like Polish, Arabic, Maltese, and Romanian too. See I can't really pick one.

    [deactivated user]

      Thumb up for mentioning Polish! :)


      ITALIANO for sound, Tibetan for writing.

      I really like signing languages, and Gregg shorthand, too.


      Chinese Mandarin(I am a native speaker and a Mandarin teacher), Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish.


      Hi I love the writing system for Chinese & tones, as well as the culture, especially hsing-i, bagua, taiji, Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. I am sure, as I age, I'll love the cuisine, theater, and music in general more & more as well.


      As a Chinese teacher, I am glad to hear that. Here is a website you can learn more by yourself. http://www.chinesecio.com/ Enjoy!


      谢谢 ! I'll definitely take a look right now!


      the German is the most beauty language for me , i addicted to it !


      I like British English (thank you Monty Python) but what I really love are Swedish and most of all Bavarian. ♥♥♥


      Bavarian is a neat language. :)


      1-Japanese , 2-Belarusian , 3-Finnish , 4-Norwegian , 5-Spanish , 6-French , 7-Mandarin Chinese , 8-Russian , 9-Bulgarian , 10-Vietnamese


      I like Greek, Hawaiian and Portuguese.


      My favourites languages are(i don't will say English because all you speak it and i don't will say Spanish because is my mother tongue) Welsh, Corsnish, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Swedish, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, Portugues, Galician, Basque, Catalan, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Dutch, French, Pashto, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Ukrainian, Wolof, Hause, Thai, Greece, Maltese, Luxemburgish, Afrikaans and Georgian...

      [deactivated user]

        Polish, yes! Deserves a vote up. :)


        My favorite languages are Esperanto, Swahili and Cherokee.


        That's awesome! I bet those are great languages! :)


        My favorites are Italian, French, Russian, Hebrew, and Greek! They're just simply marvelous!

        Le mie preferite sono italiano, francese, russo, ebraico, e greco! Sono semplicemente meravigliose!


        I like Mandarin Chinese. I don't speak it fluently, but it was the first language I started studying. It was my language gateway drug. :) I've had a love/hate relationship with Chinese since I started studying it. The characters are beautiful, but frustrating. The tones make me feel like I am trying to sing the language. I really hope I can get conversational one day.

        I've also grown really fond of German. I've made so much more progress in German, despite studying it for less time. I think the more familiar I become with each language, the more I care for it.


        I like the sound of German (it's not angry! Anything sounds angry if you scream it in a Prussian accent!), Slavic and Semitic languages in general (I know they're nothing alike), and Turkish.


        I like German the most but I think Italian also sounds beautiful


        Interesting Topic !

        regardless of my native language " Arabic ", there are some languages that make me excited to learn them. " Japanese, English, Spanish, French "


        I like a few languages : Basque, Japanese and Norwegian. Basque sounds amazing and it is completely different to any other language in the world! Japanese is a language I have wanted to learn for a long time, but it's difficulty has prevented me from learning it now. Norwegian is one of my favourite languages in Europe. It is simple and it sounds amazing:)


        My favorite ones are English and Portuguese :)


        This is going to be hard, I love so many languages. But if I have to make a list I'm going to choose English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, French, German. :) Most of these languages are love at first hear and the one that I hear while growing up.


        I like all the Celtic languages. My favorite is Gaulish, because my favorite band. It's interesting and very beautiful.


        I Find that Finnish is sorta cool too! I love learning different languages! The more knowledge the better!


        Русский язык & hrvatski jezik <3 ❤️


        I meni je drago hrvatski jezik. :)


        Probably my favorite would be Russian and French (it's natural since my mom speaks Russian) :) But my favorite favorite is English as I said in an earlier comment. :)


        Hey are you a native speaker of Russian and English? Just wondering. Poka


        My favorite would probably have to be Korean, although Norwegian has come up as a close second for me. I'm also quite fond of Icelandic more so than usual lately. Could possibly be inching up on my list to settle at spot number three. :)


        I like Icelandic because Bjork........and the strongman culture.


        I am torn between russian and german . I love them equally both . They are just fascinating.I also find my native language greek a very beautiful language


        Greek. Wow! I'd like to hear Greek some day. It does sound very beautiful! :)


        I suggest you to learn it. It is indeed very beautiful.In Greece children im schools are also taught ancient greek ^^.I would be very glad if you would like to teach you some basic things in greek ;)


        Chinese (i am a native speaker of Mandarin) English is my second langange. It is a good opputunite for me to chat with colleagues.
        From this month, I started to learn German.


        Between the ones I already study, French is really beautiful, but Esperanto is my favourite because it is really special. But welsh is the one from the languages I'd like to study, and may be Quenya and Sindarin. There are too many DX


        Mine is Irish with Portuguese as a close second


        My favourite language is French and Italian. A lot of European languages are nice.

        [deactivated user]

          Oh yes, my favourite one is French indeed. <3 I also like Irish and I think Romanian sounds nice. :)


          For me it's Turkish. Its structure is totally different from English, but it's relatively easy to learn.

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