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  5. "Protektu la medion!"

"Protektu la medion!"

Translation:Protect the environment!

August 12, 2015



Environment <=> medio, mi ne povas fari la ligo.


I don't know about other languages on this but in English media or medium also has the sense of what environment someone or something is in. "What's your medium" "I use oils" etc. I suppose that it comes from the Latin, but can't find that dictionary at this time. I can find the Esperanto English dictionary which says that medio means "Sphere of (action, life) environment, social circumstances, habitat (surroundings)" etc. I don't know if this helps, but I really don't think that it's such a stretch to make the connection as one may think.

/redakto: ŝajnas, ke en la Rusa, pola, ĉeĥa kaj bulgara estas parenca vorto.


En la Hispana lingvo oni diras "medio ambiente", kiu signifas "environment"


In french the word "milieu" can mean environment. For example, you could say "les salamandres vivent dans des milieux humides" which means "salamanders live in humid environments" or, in esperanto I guess "salamandroj livas en humidajn mediojn".


aŭ loĝas

Liv~ havas alian signifon.


According to Cambridge Dictionary, it seems that milieu can also be used in English. Not according to Duo ;-)


It should, according to the Comprehensive English to Esperanto Dictionary: Milieu = medio.

I would report this should it ever come up again.


It still seems like a bit of a stretch, though. It would make more sense to me if Esperanto used a compound word for the sense of the word used here, such as "naturmedio" Just a thought.


Mi vidis tiun vorton, do mi trankviliĝas pro ĝin.


In Spanish we say "medio ambiente" for environment


En la portugala oni diras meio ambiente, sed vidante vian nivelon oni supozus, ke vi jam scias tion :P


Both “environment” and “medio” are more general than the “natural environment” we are talking about here (suggested by “protektu”), and which can, more precisely, be called “vivmedio” in Esperanto.


In Serbian its "Животна средина" / "Životna sredina", which literal translation would be "For life environment", with "sredina" also meaning "the middle [of]". I think its the same for all slavic languages. Not related i guess, but may help someone remember it easier.


"Only you can stop forest fires" -Smokey the Bear


Nur vi povas preventi arbarajn fajrojn!


It would have been so much cooler if it were "Protect the medic!"


Prave, frat(in)o

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