"Can you ask him?"

Translation:Kan du spørre ham?

August 12, 2015



What is the difference between "å stille¨and å spørre¨?


If the object of the sentence is a form of “spørsmål”, you should use the verb “stille”. In pretty much all other cases you should use the verb “spørre”, in particular when you want to express that you are asking a person. Thus:

Jeg spør ham. (I ask him.)

Jeg spurte min mor. (I asked my mother.)

Jeg stiller et spørsmål. (I ask/pose a question.)

If the direct object is “spørsmål”, you should use “stille”, even when there is also a person who is asked:

Jeg stiller ham et spørsmål. (I ask/pose him a question.)

One occasionally hears the expression “spørre et spørsmål“, but it’s generally considered incorrect, and you should avoid it.


Good answer. I get it know. Takk for svaret ditt.


"å stille et spørsmål" = "to pose a question"

"å spørre et spørsmål" = "to ask a question"


why is it "Spørre" and not "Spør"


After auxiliary verbs like 'kan' you must put the infinitive form of a verb and the infinitive form of the verb 'ask' in Norwegian is 'spørre.' In fact 'spør' is the simple present form of the verb. The present form of this verb is one of the exceptions in this matter.

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