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"En mia lando ni uzas la metran sistemon."

Translation:In my country we use the metric system.

August 12, 2015



Actually, all the world uses the metric system, except Burma and the USA. The UK uses both systems.


What about Liberia? Don't they follow the US in using Imperial?


Ah, it seems that Liberia may have switched over sometime after 2006... and Burma/Myanmar seems to be (considering) doing so now.

That would leave only the US.


When you drive along the road between Yangon and Mandalay in Burma, there are white stones every few hundred meters, and eight in a mile, so it's like 115/6, 115/7, 115/8, 116, 116/1... that was the day when I learned what a "furlong" is. :)


Where I live (Surrey, BC, Canada), the city blocks are 8 to the mile (or 1 furlong). This translates quite closely to 5 blocks per km.


We checked the same source... :)


The US does most certainly use the metric system. It does not only use the metric system.


Moreover, the metric system has been the official system for weights and measures in the US for a long time. The commonly used units are then derived from the metric standard units. "Under the Mendenhall Order in 1893, metric standards, developed through international cooperation under the auspices of BIPM, were adopted as the fundamental standards for length and mass in the United States. The definitions of United States customary units, such as the foot and pound, have been based on metric units ever since." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrication_in_the_United_States


That's even worse! Remember the Challenger accident in 1986, killing 7.


That's the one where cold temperatures caused a failure of an O-ring.

You're thinking, I suspect, of the Mars Climate Orbiter, where Lockheed-Martin screwed up by using United States customary units instead of SI units.


Or perhaps the trouble with Hubble.


When Canada was changing to metrification, there was an airline incident where metric & imperial caused a miscalculation, thus causing a 767 to run out of fuel:


[deactivated user]

    WHAT? Your country doesn't use Freedom Units (TM)!?

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