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"Her er noen ting du kan tenke på."

Translation:Here are some things you can think about.

August 12, 2015



Is this sentence explicitly plural ("some things")? Would "Her er noe du kan tenke på." be an equivalent sentence if only referring to one thing?


I'm confused about this too. I thought the sentence meant "Here is some thing you can think about." What makes it plural?


The confusion exists because both Norwegian and English are stupid (like most languages).

Noe/Noen used alone

Noe = something Noen = someone

When used in front of a noun they become determiners (equivalent to the english "some")

Noe = singular/uncountable

Noen = plural

Noe ting = something

Noen ting = some things


"Noe ting" is not correct Norwegian. You can say: "Her er noe du kan tenke på." or "Her er noen ting du kan tenke på." They mean the same.


Wait... they mean the same thing? I thought we just established that "noe" was "something" (singular) and "noen ting" was "some things" (plural).


I'm still unsure about noe/noen. What is the difference again?


Noe = something

Noen = someone


'noen' can also mean 'some', like in the above sentence, for instance when 'ting' is the following word.


Yes, of course.


And "noe" never means "some"?


For uncountable nouns:

"Har du noe vann?" Do you have some water?


And so many other things: har du noe salt, pepper, hvitløk, .... og jeg trenger noe løk ... jeg skal lage tomatsaus ...


Not that I can think of.


OK, another exercise here is "Jeg hører ikke noen ting", so based on the discussion here, I answered that one as "I don't hear some things". But the translation given is "I don't hear a thing". So why is "noen ting" translated as "a thing" (singular) there, while it is "some things" (plural) here? By the way, the discussion part of that exercise (Jeg hører ikke noen ting) does not work; it results in a "page not found" error if you try to post a comment. So I am posting the question here instead.


Why is are the correct response when plurals are not shown


ting = thing (singular)

noen ting = some things (plural)

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