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"Ŝi ĉiam havos siajn memorojn de li."

Translation:She will always have her memories of him.

August 12, 2015



Last sentence of my tree. I wonder if it's talking about Sofia remembering Adamo?


Mia fina frazo ankaŭ, kaj mi miris la saman aferon; tiuj bedaŭraj stel-krucitaj amantuloj.


So I'm not the only one who interpreted this!! Adam and Sofia are actually brothers, and the course creators seemingly had no idea that the progression of sentences in the course would make them come across as lovers


Ĉu fratoj? kaj unu nomita Sofia? Kia malkutimo.


Oops, mi tajpis tro rapide, mi volis diri "siblings" :-P gefratoj...


Cxi tiu frazo ankaux estas mia fina frazo, dankon Duolingo pro la kurso! Nun mi povas paroli Esperanton suficxe bone!


Ĉu Adamo mortas??????


What happened to him???


Mi esta malfeliĉa nun :( Kaj mi ne scias kial!


de li ????????


Why is it "de li"? The memories don't "belong" to him. The memories are regarding "things he did or say", why isn't "pri li"?


Am I the only one that found the audio a bit too fast and unclear? After getting it wrong I could sort of follow, but I especially found the last part "memorojn" and particularly "de li" rather unclear.

Maybe it's just my morning brain. I need another coffee!


The fact of using the same word for the capability and for each individual "piece of remembrance" (if I can say like that), like in, for instance, "Her good memory allows her to have many memories of the old days", is something very peculiar of the English language, that doesn't work in the same way in the other languages that inspire Esperanto vocabulary. Are you sure that this is not an anglicised Esperanto? Wouldn't it be more logical to have something like "memorajxoj" for "memories"?


well thats one sad sentence

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