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  5. "Öğrenci komitesi nerede?"

"Öğrenci komitesi nerede?"

Translation:Where is the student committee?

August 12, 2015



How about “the students’ committee“?


the students’ committee = Öğrencilerin komitesi

We would need genitive case on "Öğrenciler" to show possession, and a plural suffix. In Duo's sentence, it is a noun compound, because it's singular and nominative "Öğrenci" :-)


Is there a committee for one student in Turkey?


If it were genitive-possessive construction, I agree that singular would be a little strange: "Öğrencinin komitesi" (The student's committee).

In a noun compound, however, I believe the first component is acting more as a modifier. (What type of committee? A student committee.)


I wrote "students committee" (plural form of student) and it was marked as wrong. I'm not sure, but is this really wrong?


No, it isn't. "Student Committee" and "Student's Committe" describe the same sort of thing so they should be both valid answers


Not "student's", there can not be a committee for one person. Should be without the ( ' ) i.e only in plural


Yes, it is wrong --because "Student" is being used as an adjective here. Substitute it for another descriptor and you won't be tempted to make it possessive. For example: Education Committee, Technology Committee, etc.


I wrote where is the student's committee ... it seems to me more correct than to say the student committee Thanks is advance for your help


"the student's committe" sounds to me as if it is a committee belonging to one student: öğrencinin komitesi.


Committee تعني لجنة


Where does the -SI come from? (KomiteSI?)


It's a noun-noun compound -- in English, we just put the nouns next to each other ("student committee"), but in Turkish, the second noun gets a possessive suffix, wich is -Sİ here because it ends in a vowel.


You once told me this, i try to remember! Thank you so much!


It's singular because it's a noun being used as an adjective. Other examples: Golf course, cancer cells, rope swing, candy candy. Note that the noun doing the modifying is always in "singular" form.


Note that the noun doing the modifying is always in "singular" form.

Even if it's usually used only in the plural! Spectacle case, trouser leg, scissor blade, ....


Should accept "student council" as well, this is the conventional way of describing it in many English speaking countries.


It is really very funny There is no committee for one student It is always plural for all committees


Where I live, it's usually called a council or association instead of a committee, but "student" is singular :-)

Student Council // Student Association


What is the deferent between nereye and nerede


What is the deferent between nereye and nerede

nereye = to which location?

nerede = in which location?

For example:

Otel nerede? = Where (in which location) is the hotel?

Nereye gidiyorsun? = Where (to which location) are you going?


I love the Turkish modified spellings, komite does away with so much unnessesary letters and spells it like it sounds. Things would have so much easier for the millions of new learners of the english language had it also had an Atatürk to force the change

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