"Was isst du?"

Translation:What are you eating?

January 1, 2013

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I put "Was ist du?" ("what is you" Lol, I knew that couldn't be right but it was what I heard!) Duo marked my answer correct! Is this a glitch? Or is "Was ist du?" really a legit sentence?


Same here. Maybe there were complaints about hearing a difference between ist/isst, and afterall, "What are you?" is a valid question.

An alien!


Actually, 'what are you' would have to be typed as 'Was bist du?' 'Ist' wouldn't make any sense.


Same here. Anyone?


What are you???


Was ist du isn't a legit sentence because it would be Was bist du (conjugations haha)


Is there any pronunciation difference between ist and isst?


is it correct ? WAS ISST DU= WHAT DO YOU EAT


Yes, that's correct! "Was isst du?" means "What do you eat?"

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Maybe I can help: The problem is that when you hear the sentence for people learning German it can be either "was ist du" or "was isst du"

You can forget about the first one "was ist du?" because the sentence does not make any sense and therefore no one will use it.

That leaves the the second version: "Was isst du?"; it comes from the German verb "essen"="to eat" and means "what do you eat?" (using all personal pronouns subject case you get: was esse ich , was isst du, was isst er/sie/es, was essen wir, was esst ihr, was essen sie).

Looking at the sentences just presented you can see that the only sentences that might present a problem are 2nd person singular and third person singular. But knowing how they are spelled and know what they can mean they should provide no problem.

Hope that helps you. :-) Enjoy


I read this as "what eats you?" as in, what is troubling you emotionally...


An aligator, maybe.

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@m3. "What eats you?" would translate as "Was frisst dich auf?"


No, there's no real difference audible while speaking.


Duolingo accepts homonyms. isst and ist are homonyms. A Homonym is a word that is pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same or not.

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