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"Ustedes pueden analizar ese libro."

Translation:You can analyze that book.

October 23, 2013



Why can I not have "you can examine that book"? Examine is given as a valid translation of analizar.


It may mean that in another context. But there is a direct translation for "examine" which is "examinar". To examine and to analyze are different.


So you are saying because there is one direct translation for examine which has the same Latin root in both languages you can only use it to translate that one word?


It is just not the same. Examinar is to take a look at something without going into details. Analizar means a deep look and consideration onto something.


So the analysis is achieved by a close examination or scrutiny? Such is needed to differentiate between the eyelashes of a gnat. Lol


Lol is this a video game reference? Or a sci-fi movie/book/tv series?


Is you can analyse not the same as you are able to analyse

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They are the same.


Wouldn't ustedes be plural and not "you"?

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"You" is singular or plural. But I would agree that most of us in speaking to a group would tweak the sentence in some way such as by saying "All of you". In my area, many people use y'all for singular and plural :-)


Most times the context eliminates the need for clarifying.
After all, you are usually speaking directly to the "you" in the sentence.


At least you didn't say Youenses! Lol That's a little Georgia/E. TN Hillspeak equivalent for Uds. ;)

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Youenses is too long for most of us, but I do hear you-uns or yuns a lot.

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