"En ulv"

Translation:A wolf

August 12, 2015



So this is where the name "Ulf" comes from.


The name comes from one of the old Norse word for wolf, úlfr. Where in turn the modern Norwegian word for wolf comes from.

The other word for wolf is varg, still used in Sweden. From old Norse vargr.


Is the word "varg" dead in norway? Or do people use it somehow?


It was (at least) used as recently as the early 90s as a stage name by the infamous musician and convicted murderer/arsonist, Kristian "Varg" Vikernes xP However, my old Norwegian-English dictionary doesn't list it as an alternative for "ulv." I guess it could be that Mr. Vikernes chose "Varg" as a stage name partially because of its relative obscurity (and also probably because of the alliteration lol Plus, his given name, Kristian, wouldn't exactly mesh with his black metal/neopagan image) It could just be an archaic alternative for 'ulv.' Then there's also the possibility that it might be mythological in origin. Google "varg etymology" or "varg Wiktionary" and something should pop up.


En ulv..?

  • "Varulv. ... Varborg."

Hvorfor snakker du sånn?

  • "Jeg vet ikke. Jeg trodde du ville."


what wolverine should be called in norsk


When I hear the screen say "en ulv" quickly, I hear a wolf. When I listen to it spoken slowly, I hear en ulven?!

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