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  5. "Вона не любить компьютери."

"Вона не любить компьютери."

Translation:She does not like computers.

August 12, 2015



About "computer", "комп’ютери" VS. "компьютери"

We've gotten so many requests about the incorrect spelling of комп’ютери. This mistake was made when the course was being built and it was forgotten about.

We cannot change it, but комп’ютери is accepted.

This can't be changed but all answers with комп’ютери is now accepted. If we graduate. Please, take into account we cannot change it and please stop reporting senteces with "компьютери" them unless there is a mistake relating to something other than its spelling.


Доки курс є у "бета" версії, найкращим розв'язанням проблеми було б вилучення цього завдання. З появою технічної можливості виправлений приклад можна було б повернути.


The word компʼютер is spelled with an apostrophe instead of soft sign in dictionaries. Is this a mistake?

Also, is it possible to use genitive here? Ie. "Вона не любить компʼютерів"?


There's a mistake in a word "комп’ютер" in all sentences here :( Компьютер - that's Russian, not Ukrainian

You always use accusative in plural, but for some nouns it's the same as genitive, so it may seem to you that this sentence uses genitive: Я не люблю котів, дівчат, будинки, комп’ютери

[deactivated user]

    It is "комп’ютери", and not "комп’ютерів" because we are talking about inanimate objects :)

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