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Germany vs France

As a French person often visiting Germany, I find this rather accurate and quite amusing!


August 12, 2015



I loved all of this. But the picture of the showers was especially funny to me! I live in a very large ex-pat community, with lots of Germans, Brits, Canadians, Americans, and Russians. At the gym, you can always tell who the Germans are, because their clothes almost magically fall off their bodies as soon as they get into the change-room. And they are in absolutely no rush to put them back on - they walk around, take care of all their other need, have conversations - with their "members" as free as can be. Though, my wife tells me that the French women do the same in the ladies change-room.


Simply, Super!!! My wife is French and I also visited Germany very often in the past. I am very used to both cultures. I found it "vraiment génial".


Funny! I love both of these wonderful countries and languages.


Out of those pictures... I would definitely pick France :D


Can you kindly explain the point about the children? Does it suggest that German children cry more :(
Thanks for posting the link, it's highly amusing, although I'm not familiar with both cultures, I'm learning both languages.


eh, i believe (based on partial personal experience) French have......parenting leading to self-sufficient mature children....Germans are more attentive......and enjoy being childish themselves!


and Christmas are a really, really, huge deal in Central Europe.....


Haha, such an interesting angle. Thank you very much for the extra explanation of Christmas too, as illustrated by the enormous Christmas tree, but is it more like to provide festivities spirit and German is not particularly religious right (as depicted in the pic)?
Eh, actually if you don't mind, can you give some more details on the picture of nazi (Totalitarimus) but from French side, I thought it was a bit sensitive so was hesitated to ask (And sorry for not having done a thorough research on Europe history)


It is not particularly religious indeed, they just really like to celebrate Christmas, decorate their house (they would put candels on their windows to be seen from outside) and enjoy that festive time. During the second world war, Germany invaded and occupied France. The French government at the time, led by Marshal Pétain at the time, collaborated with the nazis, economically for instance, but also the police, and France participated in the deportation of many people. This is still a sensitive topic in France, and you would hear many people say that the real France was the one of De Gaulle and resistance. And I was wondering for the children one as well, I was not sure haha!


^^ thank you for your response. So the pic actually shows the welcome of some Frenchs toward the nazis. Have you been to German supermarkets too, do they really have that serene, relaxing atmosphere as in the pic?


Bavaria and Austria are religious.....as well as Slovakia and Poland....the attitude towards Christmas is really special: heavy kitchy decoration, lots and lots of food (slovak moms are still competing who bakes 12 types of cookies, no swapping!), biggest possible christmas tree, expensive or numerous presents.....even Czech (mainly atheist) are quite serious about holidays and even the customs....some people attend midnight mass just for the atmosphere....


Cool!! Germany is always my passion!


Even not being a culture expertise, I laughed more than I should. This is that sort of very few interesting/intelligent posts about culture/languages you can find around... I truly appreciated it.


Germany is the best :D


Haha, I loved it! Thanks for sharing.


I love this!! So good!


Lovely! Thank you for sharing^_^


I truly enjoy this funny interpretation of German and French cultures. Thanks you for sharing!

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