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  5. "Shall we drink beer or wine?"

"Shall we drink beer or wine?"

Translation:Bira mı içelim şarap mı?

August 12, 2015



"Bira mi içelim sarap mi?" - why does this mean "shall we drink beer or wine?" I am confused, there's no veya or yoksa.


There is no need for that. Just adding the question word "mi" after each choice will carry that meaning. But if you want you can add a "yoksa", as you can see from the other comments.


I wrote "bira mı yoksa şarap mı içelim?", but the one you provided flows decidedly better, so my question is: Is the way I phrased the question more formal?


It isn't really more formal, but it is just a little less common. Both are totally fine and are in use :)


Many thanks! You're a lifesaver! :D


Butting in just to say I agree with Alex. "Bira mı yoksa şarap mı içelim" is exactly how I always say this kind of sentences. :-]


I say it like that too normally, but I do not have the distinguishing honor of being a native speaker of both Turkce and Angaraca.


Ha! We both should volunteer for creating an Angaraca for English speakers course (An_En) !


Why is the verb in the middle?

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