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  5. "Shall we drink beer or wine?"

"Shall we drink beer or wine?"

Translation:Bira mı içelim şarap mı?

August 12, 2015



I wrote "bira mı yoksa şarap mı içelim?", but the one you provided flows decidedly better, so my question is: Is the way I phrased the question more formal?


It isn't really more formal, but it is just a little less common. Both are totally fine and are in use :)


Many thanks! You're a lifesaver! :D


Butting in just to say I agree with Alex. "Bira mı yoksa şarap mı içelim" is exactly how I always say this kind of sentences. :-]


I say it like that too normally, but I do not have the distinguishing honor of being a native speaker of both Turkce and Angaraca.


Ha! We both should volunteer for creating an Angaraca for English speakers course (An_En) !


"Bira mi içelim sarap mi?" - why does this mean "shall we drink beer or wine?" I am confused, there's no veya or yoksa.


There is no need for that. Just adding the question word "mi" after each choice will carry that meaning. But if you want you can add a "yoksa", as you can see from the other comments.


Why is the verb in the middle?


Ya bu ne biçim bir şey sinir oldum


Is it wrong to translate it as, "bira mı veya şarap mı içelim"


I haven't seen this usage, and I have a theory. The question particle usually can only be on yes/no questions. So using it with veya isn't strictly offering multiple options as much as it is asking for approval of a unified proposal. (Admittedly, I've seen lots of uses that don't follow this, so maybe my theory is not very good.)

Bira içelim mi? = Shall we drink beer?
Şarap içelim mi? = Shall we drink wine?
Başka bir şey içelim mi? = Shall we drink something else?
{Bira veya şarap} içelim mi? = Shall we drink {beer or wine} [as opposed to the many other possible beverages]?

But because yoksa means "otherwise" it lets you ask two yes/no questions at the same time, because we know that the answer to ONE of them must be "yes." That is why you can use the question particle twice.

Bira mi yoksa şarap mı içelim? = Shall we drink beer? Or otherwise shall we drink wine? [Because those are the only things that I have...]

And then because we are sure these are the ONLY two options, you can also drop the yoksa or separate the phrases.
Bira mi şarap mı içelim?
Bira mi içelim, şarap mı?


Is there a different dialect of Angaraca??


People in Ankara do speak a certain way...that is for sure :D Most regions of Turkish have a certain amount of flare to them that are a bit different from Standard Turkish. The hardest to understand for me are the dialects from the Northeast Black Sea region and people from the villages around the Aegean. Ankara should be the least of you worries :D


I'm hoping I'll start to understand my Turkish telenovelas soon. Duo far they speak way too fast for me, so I just pick up certain words.


Same, but i keep trying :-)


The answer I posted would be accepted as correct (I am a native speaker)

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