"What is the emergency?"

Translation:Cad í an éigeandáil?

August 12, 2015



Normally I would say "cad é" in this scenario but earlier in the module, I was asked to translate "cad i an éigeandáil." Is it always "cad é" irrespective of the noun's gender and if so, how come "cad i" came up?

August 12, 2015


No, this should be "cad í". "Cad é" appeared as a result of a mismatch on the Incubator side which I've now fixed. Thank you!

August 12, 2015


The Gramadach na Gaeilge site offers this exception to agreement in gender:

  • Subpredicates and other pronouns together with interrogatives are mostly masculine: Cé hé an bhean sin? = Who is that woman? Always masculine are prepositional pronouns with interrogatives: aige a raibh an ginmhilleadh? = Who had the abortion?

Under which circumstances would feminine subpredicates be used with interrogatives?

EDIT: §13.23 of Graiméar Gaeilge na mBráithre Críostaí only offers this clarification situation as an example where a feminine subpredicate would be used with an interrogative:

Peadar: An bhfaca tú í ?

Pól: Céard (cad) í ?

Peadar: Mo scian.

August 12, 2015


Would 'céard atá an éigeandáil' work here, or is the copula mandatory? If it is, could you use céard in place of cad, ie. 'Céard í an éigeandáil', or is there any difference between the two?

July 10, 2018
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