"She wears socks."

Translation:Hun har på seg sokker.

August 12, 2015



is Hun har sokker pa seg also right?


@native speakers: this translation is currently accepted too and sounds more natural to me, but I would like to know which translation is more common / correct? ha noen på seg eller ha på seg noen?


I used "bruker" in another sentence which translates from "the boy wears socks" and got accepted; while here's the same situation and I believe "har på seg" is more likely to express "is wearing". Also I remembered that when talking about something like socks/gloves/glasses "bruker" is more common. Please let me know if there is anything I missed?


What about : Hun har på seg sokker sine. Would that be grammatically correct, and if so, is it too much?


That would be "Hun har på seg sokkene sine", which means "she wears her socks." It's used in the same way it is in English, I believe.


"Hun bruker sokker" would also be a translation.


Hun bruker sokker. = She uses socks. That could also mean that she uses socks as fuel.


Actually the person above is correct, and is the better translation for "She wears socks". In English is isn't common to say "She wears socks" to mean that she currently has them on. It means "Generally, she wears socks", which in Norwegian is handled with "bruker".

The person who wrote this question probably struggles a bit with "is wearing".


She has on some socks


Is "Hun bruker sokker" also correct?


can you say "Hun gar i sokker?"


Its used "har pa seg" and it told it was wrong, use "bruker". Came back around used "bruker" told me wrong use "har pa seg". ❤❤❤?

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